Knees Giving You Severe Problems? 2 Signs It's Time For Joint Replacement Surgery

20 September 2022
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If you value mobility and take pleasure in being able to walk around whenever you would like to, it can be painful to realize that your knees are starting to give out on you. Activities such as jogging or even kneeling to tie your shoe used to seem like a piece of cake. However, you may begin to notice that your knees buckle at the most inconvenient times, causing you to feel so much anxiety that you are afraid to try certain feats for fear you won't be able to complete them. Yes, your knees aren't what they once were, but you may still be holding out hope for a full recovery. Take a look at the following signs so that you'll gain a better idea of when it's time to consider total knee joint replacement surgery.

Non-Surgical Treatment Just Won't Do

When you initially began to feel the pangs of bad knees it's very likely that you started using your own special concoctions to treat the symptoms. Perhaps you purchased over-the-counter pills or creams to relieve the pain or went to the doctor to perhaps get a prescription for something a bit stronger. This may have worked at the very beginning but as the cartilage and bone beneath your knees experience deeper and deeper levels of deterioration, these types of remedies often no longer do the trick.

Trying to deal with something as serious as loss of function using your own devices could decrease your quality of life to an extreme extent. Over ninety percent of the people who had a knee replacement procedure reported less pain and greater mobility after undergoing the surgery. Think of how wonderful it will be to ditch the medications and start living once again.

Improve Your Overall Health With Joint Replacement Surgery

It's hard trying to get in the recommended level of exercise each day when you can barely walk from your bed to the bathroom. Maybe you used to be a very active person but your knee troubles have put a swift halt to your normal routine. 

After you undergo a successful knee replacement procedure you could find that your vigor returns in spades. You are then able to walk, bike, swim, and do all of the wonderful exercises that are designed to boost your cardiovascular system and keep you in great shape.

Don't waste time in the throes of knee pain and anguish. Ask your primary care physician (PCP) for a prescription to go see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as possible.