The Basics Of Choosing Orthotics: Factors You Need To Consider

27 May 2022
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When your doctor recommends that you wear orthotics to help you address pain or discomfort, it's important that you heed the recommendation. However, you might wonder if you can just go buy the first orthotic devices you find. The truth is that the right orthotics will vary depending on many different factors. That's why it's important for you to understand the factors that affect your orthotics choice. Here's a look at what you need to know about the things you need to consider as you choose your orthotics.

The Shoes You Wear 

You need to choose orthotics specifically for each pair of shoes that you own and wear. The orthotics styled for high heels will be formed differently than those shaped for hiking boots, for example. Before you buy any orthotics, think about which pair of shoes you plan to put them in so that you can select the right orthotic form for the shoes you're dealing with.

The Source Of Your Pain

You'll also need to think about the condition that's causing your discomfort. This is an important factor in choosing your orthotics because the orthotic device will be formed to add support where it's needed based on each specific condition. For example, you'll need a different type of support for plantar fasciitis as compared to low arches. That makes it essential that you consider the condition you're trying to deal with before you select your orthotic. Pick an orthotic model that's crafted for your specific condition so that you get the support that you need without adding any additional problems.

What You'll Be Doing

Another important factor when you're choosing orthotics is what you plan to do while you're wearing them. After all, if you're going to be running a marathon, you'll need much different support and durability than if you're just going to work. Similarly, you'll want a different orthotic design if you spend all day on your feet at work compared to when you work a sedentary job. That's why you need to think specifically about the things that you'll do with those orthotics before you select the ones that you need.

These are all important elements in selecting the right orthotics for any purpose. Make sure that you talk with your orthopedic specialist about what type of orthotic you might need before you make any purchase. He or she may even be able to prescribe the one that you need so that you get the best results.