Seven Mistakes That Can Cause Orthopedic Health Problems

12 November 2021
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Many orthopedic injuries are preventable. If you know the mistakes you need to avoid so that you avoid orthopedic injuries, you can keep yourself healthier.

The following are seven mistakes to avoid that can cause orthopedic health problems.

Failing to use proper technique when lifting heavy items

Back problems are among the most common reasons why patients begin seeing orthopedic physicians. If you are engaged in heavy lifting regularly as part of your job, you need to learn proper lifting techniques to keep your back in good shape. 

To lift properly, you should focus on lifting with your leg muscles and not with your back muscles. 

Working at a computer desk with improper posture

Those with desk jobs can also develop back problems if they don't use proper posture while sitting at a desk. Being hunched over while working on a computer can cause back strain over time that leads to chronic pain in the lower back.

If you work at a desk, you can protect your back by making sure you use a chair that offers effective back support. It's also important for you to hold yourself upright with your back straight while working rather than hunching over.

Ideally, you should take periodic breaks to walk around so that you avoid sitting in one position for too long during the workday. 

Failing to take proper care while using knives in the kitchen and saws in the workshop.

Orthopedic physicians often have to treat patients who have accidentally cut through fingers or limbs because of being careless in the kitchen or workshop. If you enjoy cooking or working with tools, you need to learn to use equipment properly to keep your fingers and arms safe. 

Being careless when working up high on a ladder

Another common reason why patients begin seeing an orthopedic physician is that they experience a fall from a ladder while working on their home or on another worksite.

You need to take safety precautions while working on ladders. You can experience a devastating injury if you fall down from an elevated height. That's why you should use harness equipment when advisable and always make sure that any ladder you're using is placed securely on flat, stable ground. 

Not anticipating balance issues as you age

It's common for aging adults to struggle with balance issues. That's why many older adults experience falls that lead to orthopedic injuries to the back and legs. 

If you're getting older and you're starting to feel off-balance frequently, you might want to begin using a walker or cane to avoid potentially harmful falls. 

Allowing yourself to become overweight

Conditions such as osteoarthritis are much more common in patients who are obese. Watch your diet and exercise regularly to keep your weight under control. This could save you from suffering from many different orthopedic health problems. 

Not taking the time to warm up and cool down before exercising

If you exercise regularly, you should work a warm-up and cool-down regime into your workout schedule. Failing to take the time to warm up and stretch increases your chances of suffering from strains or sprains that could require treatment from an orthopedic physician. 

For more information, reach out to an orthopedic physician in your area.