How Independent Orthopedic Evaluations Help In Personal Injury Cases

17 December 2020
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Orthopedic injuries are a very common personal injury lawsuit because they can cause a person limitations in their movement. However, defendants in these cases can be quite aggressive and skilled at getting themselves off from this type of situation. As a result, it is often critical for those in this situation to get an independent medical examination.

Defenses Against Orthopedic Injuries

Orthopedic injuries often occur in a myriad of different circumstances, such as during a car accident or in a slip and fall injury. These injuries can include problems like whiplash on the neck and shoulders, various types of pain throughout the arms and chest, and much more. When these injuries occur, a person may have the ability to pursue a lawsuit against the person or group who caused them.

However, the defense in these cases has the right to defend themselves against such claims. Often, they will try to prove that the injuries suffered by a person were not caused by them or were triggered by other factors. In many cases, they may attack medical claims as fraudulent or try to prove they are biased. However, an independent medical examiner can help fight against this defense strategy.

Ways Independent Medical Examinations Help

Independent medical examiners work in a legal environment to testify for a plaintiff or a defense. Their job is to examine a person's physical health, gauge what caused an injury—such as a back problem after a car accident—and provide an independent opinion that can be used to prove either the side of the plaintiff or that of the defense in this type of lawsuit scenario.

In a court of law, an independent medical examiner is considered better evidence than claims made by a plaintiff's personal doctor. That's because these examiners have no stake in the case—they get paid for their services, regardless of their opinion. As a result, those who are facing a stiff defense may want to hire one of these experts to help showcase that their orthopedic injuries are legitimate.

By preparing for a case in this way, it is typically easier to fight against fraudulent claims made by defendants and to give plaintiffs the best chance to succeed. Just as importantly, this step also provides proof that more testing was done on a person's health after an injury. In this way, it is possible for them to create a case that is as air-tight as possible against the dangers of orthopedic injuries. For additional information, contact an independent medical evaluation service.