How Orthotics And Proper Body Mechanics Can Reduce Foot, Knee, Back, And Hip Pain

4 February 2020
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When it comes to your feet, it's important to understand that good support is vital to your overall mobility. If you are wearing shoes that aren't comfortable or if you don't have the right support, you may start to have pain in your hip, lower back, knee, or foot because of it. Once you begin to have pain, your body starts to overcompensate trying to reduce the pain. You will start to use muscles incorrectly, and eventually you can develop pain in other areas of your body because of the compensation. If you are experiencing pain when you walk, an orthopedist can help determine if you would benefit from the use of orthotics to provide your feet with additional support.

Arch Support and Your Gait

Your feet need to be able to function correctly in order to have a smooth, comfortable gait. Your arches can sometimes be too flat, making it difficult to find shoes that are comfortable. Over time, if your arches aren't supported, you might have pain in your legs or lower back. Your gait will be assessed to see what type of foot support would be most beneficial to you. Your gait is how you walk or run, and analysis can help uncover why you are experiencing pain in a certain area when you move.

Abnormal Gait and Your Mobility

Whether you are injured and this causes your gait to become abnormal or you have structural problems with your feet that aren't supported, an abnormal gait can make mobility difficult. An orthopedist can analyze your gait and take imprints of your feet so that orthotics can be created. With customized orthotics, your feet get the support they need when you place the orthotics in your shoes. With your gait corrected, you can start working on strengthening and stretching to get back to pain-free mobility.

Your feet support your entire body. You might be surprised at how much the wrong pair of shoes or a new pair of orthotics can make a difference. Custom orthotics can be used in a wide range of shoes, as long as there is enough room for the orthotics within. They are easy to transfer between shoes, and you will likely experience less overall pain in your feet when you are moving once you wear your orthotics. If you have tried various shoes with minimal success, it's time to see how orthotics can ease your pain. Contact a company like Bio  Tech Prosthetics and Orthotics to learn more.